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This website's primary goal is to help San Diego business owners, and their consumers alike, by providing a low cost solution for advertising, marketing, and the purchasing of products in San Diego County. The main service we are currently providing for no charge to business owners is an online directory containing their social media/website information, as well as their physical location and direct contact information (coming soon) for the purpose of providing the information to the consumer. We can also provide, at a low cost, high quality digital photography/video to ensure your products look their best when adding those pictures to your social media pages. To maximize the efficiency of the photography/video, we can provide a detailed article containing all of the information needed for a consumer to make a purchase. If you already have all of the info you need ready to go on your website, or already in the DSLR world and can use Photoshop, etc. like a champ to crop, resize and stylize, we will continue to provide information in the future on where to find talented models and actors and/or graphic designers for other media purposes such as traditional print advertising and marketing, as well as the best places for web/social media marketing and advertising to drive traffic to your website.

Services we provide for consumers are all free of charge and include an outlet to inform business owners and other consumers in the San Diego area which products they would recommend, or not recommend, to others. This can be done on the forums page (currently not working, as well as the login area) via a massive rage post with selfies attached, or via a more direct method via the contact information on their page on

Services we will provide for artists, writers, and musicians, as well as developers, is one more place on the web where you can post your work, or links to your work, to share with others. If you wish to sell your work, we will provide a marketplace in the near future for you to do so.

We will offer these, and more services as we roll into the future, and hope that as this website morphs itself into something of value, it will also make a difference in making America's Finest City, and the world, better for years to come.

Thank you,

Christopher Nelson - CEO, digital art enthusiast, and lover of all things beautiful and right that inspire that enthusiasm.

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